for this year! We hope to see you back in 2015!

A huge congratulations to PPP, 217 and blue-lotus for winning first, second and third place respectively.

We are currently working on collecting write-ups as well as putting together a VM with all the challenges for public consumption. Follow our twitter account for the latest updates.

Our scoring site, Mellivora, is open source - check it out here.
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Accounts are now activate! Please log in a familiarize yourself with the site and rules.

Update: we're live! Happy hacking!

Update: countdown timer to competition end

Update: we end on Nov 30, 11PM UTC

Update: taking a break? Like the look of our awesome sponsors? Why not fill in ?

Update: we are planning on releasing all of the challenges on a VM

Update: competition is over! Thanks to everyone for participating and playing nicely!

Update winners will be announced within 24 hours!

Update: a very nice unofficial community-supported write-up repo on GitHub. Please submit your write-ups here!

Update: official writeups will follow as soon as possible
Welcome to the 9447 Security Society CTF. Teams of any size and composition are invited to register today.

This Jeopardy-style information security competition is run online and teams can compete from any location. This site is used for retrieving challenges, submitting flags and tracking scores during the competition. Updates and service statuses will be posted on our twitter account. Important team-specific updates will be sent by email to registered teams.
The competition is set to run continuously for 36 hours, starting at 11am UTC, Saturday the 29th of November, 2014 mnOE5ob.png fZvepca.png

The top teams receive prizes in the form of cash (PayPal or BTC).
  • 1st place US $1200
  • 2nd place US $750
  • 3rd place US $500

Challenge topics cover
  • Web applications
  • Crypto
  • Reverse engineering and exploitation
  • Network and memory forensics
and are aimed at all skill levels.

The scoreboard will be public - spectators do not need to register.
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Teams breaking rules may be penalized or excluded from the competition. Logs will be analyzed to ensure fair play, and the final winners will be announced within 24 hours of competition ending.

  • Can be of any size.
  • Can be of any origin and composition.
It is not allowed
  • for teams with independent accounts to cooperate.
  • to attack, attempt to uncover or in any way exploit flaws in the competition infrastructure. This includes any and all entities not explicitly pointed to as fair targets in the challenges. If flaws in the infrastructure are found however, please rest assured that you can report these without being disqualified.
  • to sabotage or in any way hinder the progress of other competing teams. This includes attempting to destroy a challenge after you have completed it.
  • to generate large amounts of traffic - none of the challenges can be solved by running automated scanners - please do not do so, as you risk being excluded from the competition.
  • to brute-force challenge flags/keys against the scoring site.
For placing teams to receive prizes, they must
  • produce a short writeup of each challenge, explaining how it was solved. This writeup will be published.
  • receive payment through PayPal or BTC.
  • in case of physical prizes, provide an address.
  • The goal of each challenge is to uncover a "flag", which is a string of text. The flags for each challenge are submitted on this site in order to receive points. Challenges award varying amounts of points depending on difficulty. The teams with the most amount of points at the end of the competition wins (see below).
  • Flags are of format 9447{[0-9a-zA-Z_]+}. Please submit the entire flag, including 9447{}.
  • The scoreboard is automatically updated to reflect the current state of the competition. Discounting any teams being disqualified, the scoreboard will reflect the final rankings when the competition ends. In the event of a tie for points, the team to fastest submit their flags wins. The scoreboard reflects this.

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